Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arizona Justice League of Photographers Two - Eric's Photos

The following photographs were taken by Eric on the Arizona Justice League of Photographers' Prescott outing.

The Hassayampa Hotel opened in 1927.

The hotel is the home of two ghosts, Hope the jilted honeymooner and the night watchman. She has been sighted looking out of the top window above.

The night watchman, who has been sighted descending this stairway.

This photograph was taken from the entrance to the Peacock Room, one of the finest restaurants in Arizona. My wife and I dine here each year on our wedding anniversary.
The lobby hasn't changed much since 1927. I can tell you from experience, it's the perfect place to read the sunday paper.

I once played Chop Sticks on these keys.

Above is the Hotel Saint Michael. Theodore Rossevelt and W.Z. Snyder slept in this hotel. My wife and I had our wedding reception in the hotel's banquet hall.

The Territorial Court House

The Bucky O'Neil Rough Rider Memorial is recognized as one of the world's finest equestrail staues.

The Rough Riders are remembered for their charge up San Juan Hill in the Spanish American War.

It was later learned that the Rough Riders actually charged up a land formation called Kettle Hill. Theodore Roosevelt commanded the regiment. Bucky O'Neil's last words were, " There isn't a Spanish bullet made that can kill me."

Eric caught the historic flavor of Precott.

This Civil War guy was hanging out in front of the Palace Saloon.

These cowboys were cruising the town square in search of elligible cowgirls.

Here's a Word War I Doughboy. I did the math; he's not old enough to be a real World War I Doughboy.

The Vietnam Memorial

Billy Jack, one of the reatest B movies of all time, was filmed in and around Prescott in the early seventies. When I was in the eighth grade I thought it was the greatest movie ever made. The story followed an Indian former Green Beret who protected peace loving teenagers, Indians and wild horses from local rednecks. The theme song isOne Tin Soldier. I owned the 45 and must have played it a hundred times a day.
Here are links to a film clip and One Tin Soldier.
Billy Jack Film Cilp.
One Tin Soldier