Friday, June 22, 2012


Book marketing is cool. Who'd of thunk it?

I picked up a new quirky cool vendor yesterday, American Auto and Import Repair in Gilbert, Arizona. The boss is Gerard. He's from Brooklyn. His wife and dog work at the shop too. Fellow teacher Mike Carlin hooked me up with Gerard and company. I can't express how cool it was to hear Gerard say in his perfect Brooklyn accent, "Mike and  the guys said you're book is funny." It's meeting folks like Gerard that makes this whole book marketing gig so much fun.

In addition to American Auto and Import Repair, you can find THE EIGHT-FINGERED CRIMINAL'S SON at  Chandler Auto and Tire, Papa Joe's Barbershop, Changing Hands Book Store, and The Book Frog.

Colleagues at the high school so askmetimes why I'm selling my book at garages and barbershops.

"Because it's funny," I tell them.

"Selling books in barbershops and garages is funny?" they ask.

"Of course it's funny," Itell them.

Next up is  The Book Frog Eight-Fingered Criminal's Son signing and discussion on June 30th at 2 pm.

Rick Moranis has been invited. You might wonder why I've invited Rick Moranis. It's becuse he's following me on twitter. I don't know why Rick Moranis is following me, but he is. So invited him.


American Auto and Import Repair

Chandler Auto and Tire Repair

Papa Joe's Barbershop