Friday, March 20, 2009

Steve McQueen

I’m beat. I laid some sod down in the back yard and it was murder on the hamstrings. Somehow I'll get through the pain. It was good to work the land.

The highlight of the day took the form of a bowling excursion with my five year-old, Sophia and my eight year-old, Barit. Barit threw the ball backwards, just missing the knee cap of the bowler in the next lane over. It was funny. The guy in the next lane might have thought it was funny too, if he had a sense of humor. Yeah, I think Barit has a tendency toward bowling accidents. When she
was five, she forgot to let go of the ball and slid halfway down the lane. Kids are cool.

Writing Report

Today I didn’t hit my 2,000 words. 1,600 will have to do for today. I did write a sixteen year-old version of Richard Nixon into the (time travel) story. The prospect of researching Tricky Dick's formative years is compelling.

Steve McQueen

The truth is, other than the fact that he was a cool cat, I don't really have anything to say about Steve McQueen. Sue me.