Saturday, April 11, 2009

Steve McQueen, Howard Hughes, Steve Hawes, Kiki Vanderweghe, and Julie White


Fellow blogger, David C. Pointed out that the state of Indiana is responsible for The Ku Klux Klan and Dan Quail. I feel compelled to point out that Steve McQueen was born in Indiana. As far as I know, he never challenged anyone to a real life sword fight but I did read somewhere that McQueen once threatened to break Howard Hughes’ nose.


Here’s a photo of Julie White and Steve Hawes. Julie is my wife’s sister. Unlike my wife, Julie reads my blog. Hawes enjoyed a 10 year NBA career, playing with the Rockets, Hawks, Blazers and the Sonics. Hawes and I met at the NBA Legends Brunch. I took a photo with him thinking he was Kiki Vandeweghe, who also played in the NBA. It was pretty humiliating when we both realized I had mistaken him for Vandeweghe. As a matter of fact, I felt like a complete idiot. Julie and my brother-in-law, Brett, ran into Hawes after the all star game. She made it a point to remind him of my blunder and capture the moment with a photograph. O don’t have my photo with Hawse because, surprisingly enough, I deleted it trying to load it onto my computer. So here is Julie White, the woman who reads my blog even when her sister - my wife, does not, with the man who is not Kiki Vandeweghe.

Thanks for reading , Julie…