Sunday, December 9, 2012


How's it goin', Rick and JJ? Rick, really enjoyed your new book "SONGS FROM THE BARRIO." I highly recommend it to you JJ.  And JJ, hope you're enjoying your travels.  I'm going to read one of your books over the holiday break. Which would should I start with? As far as I can tell, you guys are constitute my blog audience. It's a bit of a coincidence that you're both college professor/writers.
Yeah, I've been thinking about the whole blogging thing.  I guess I started this blog in order to promote my writing, my book. I'm not sure my blog is serving my intended purpose. My high school students tell me they don't read blogs. While I sold a lot of books on Facebook, my students tell me they don't use Facebook any more, that it's all about Twitter and Instagram. While I have a beautiful website, I think I've had three visitors.
Heck, I don't know. What do you think, Rick and JJ?
There was a nice surge in book sales this week. I don't know the cause. I've sold 442 books. Perhaps I should approach agents and publishers again. But the process was so damned humiliating the first time around.
My friend Susan Halberg made the book part of her English 101 class. She reports the students' enjoyed the read. Maybe I should go after community college English 101 classes. I've been thinking about seeking out a sales guy ...
Spirit Guide is on track for release in March.
Thanks for reading, Rick and JJ.
If you happened by this post and are still reading, my book is called "The Eight-Fingered Criminal's Son."  You can purchase the book or ebook here:
You can pick up a copy at my favorite book store THE BOOK FROG in Palos Verdes Califonia, Papa Joe's Barber Shop, Chandler Auto and Tire Repair in Chandler, Arizona, Changing Hands Book Store in Tempe Arizona, or any Zia Records Store.
You can Purchase Rick Rios' "Songs from the Barrio" here:
JJ Botta has six books available for purchase here:
SIX BOOKS!!! We gotta talk, JJ...


Rick Rivers said...

What depresses me most about Blogging is that while I get a hefty amount of "visitors", I get hardly no "comments." Except from you! (Which I look forward to, by the way). I think I'll keep writing on mine with no real intent other than a place to record my thoughts. You have a cool Blog. Keep pluggin', Amigo.

#167 Dad said...

For the most part, it's only bloggers that leave comments. Technology and communication change so fast. We both get much more interaction on facebook and should probably shifting our focus to twitter.
Write on, Rick!