Sunday, December 2, 2012


It's my pleasure to tell you about Songs From The Barrio, a magical collection of stories and poems about Rios' metamorphosis from the the son of impoverished Mexican immigrants to a highly respected artist and educator. The book feels true. Rios carefully describes the blessings and hardships of coming up in a Chicano community and family. The elaborate depictions of sumptuous Mexican feasts prompted my stomach to churn with desire.

I took the opportunity read one of Richard's stories, "A Rite of Passage," to some 150 high school students. They thoroughly enjoyed Rios' tale, laughing at the funny parts and taking part in a passionate discussion afterwards. I might point out that they got a few laughs out my attempts to pronounce the Spanish words.

 Richard Rios' Songs From The Barrio is a must read. Thumbs up, baby!

The book is available in bound version and as an ebook at the link below.

Don't forget, the holiday season is a great time to send fish to friends and family. You should probably send Cristmas cods.

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JJ said...

Wow! It's the musical version of The House on Mango Street.