Monday, February 16, 2009

Music Mojo and the Agent Search


A few weeks ago my daughter, Macaulay took me to see This Season’s Love, a Chandler based alternative rock band. I was especially interested in hearing their rendition of Dancing in the Moonlight. The lead guitar and base players are former students and I turned them on to the 1973 King Harvest hit. I told them if they ever covered the song I’d make it a point to see them play. Their take on the song was quite good; they added a punk rock twist. As it turned out it was their last performance. They split up after the drummer and lead singer got into a fist fight back stage. OK, I made up the fist fight in an attempt to make the story more interesting. I don’t know why they decided to part ways. It was a good night. It was nice to spend a little time with my daughter and see a couple of former students in the pursuit of dream.


Friday was an exceptional day. Three members of the school choir stopped by my classroom to serenade me as a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s the first time I’ve ever been serenaded. They sang I Can Show You the World from Disney’s Aladdin. Of course they were very good. I returned the favor, singing them my interpretation of If I Only Had a Brain from the Wizard of Oz. I wasn’t as good as they were but I think they appreciated the effort. There are times when being a teacher is a pretty good job.


I’ve been sending off query emails for my novel, The Spirit Guide Bar since October.

Query Emails sent 272
Rejections Received 59
Under Consideration 16
Miscellaneous Responses 2
Requests for a Second Chapter 1

Agent Search News

I received the following response the other day.

My name is xxxxx. I work with Ms. xxxxx and she asked me to look at your query. Can you send the first 20 pages by snail? Put att; to Susan on the envelope and include our e-mail exchange.

The agent doesn’t have a website. This is the first request for additional material. I suppose I’ll invest in a couple of stamps and send her the first twenty pages. We’ll see what happens.


Rick Rivers said...

Good Luck!

#167 Dad said...

Thanks, Rick. Either way, I'll keep slugging.

David C. said...

Good luck with the agent search. You've got the right attitude. Is your school still able to call the holiday Valentine's Day? There was an article in our local paper about an elementary school teacher being serenaded by the local chapter of the Sweet Adelines. She had to go to the school office to hear them, because the school now calls the holiday "Friendship Day." I'm not sure if it's because of the amorous implications of the holiday or because of the tenuous Christian connection with St. Valentine. This seems like political correctness to the extreme to me.

wenbren explains it all said...

That so neat that you got serenaded at school!Glad to hear so many people had a great weekend, I was stuck at home with a bad case of the flu followed by complications if a sinus infection, but hey I'm getting bettter!!

#167 Dad said...

Friendship Day? Thant's out of control. Valentines day is no big deal out here.

#167 Dad said...

Sorry you were down and out for the big weekend. I went through a couple of weeks fighting back a cold. VIcks Vaporub was my best friend.