Friday, August 14, 2009

The Last Prescott Posting: Prescott Alleys

Considering the Prescott Justice League trip was my first serious stab at photography since 1974, I think I did OK. Consider the symmetry, the style and the symbolism of the picture above.

I have a thing for the alleys of Prescott. There something about strolling along a desolate alleyway and letting my mind wander back in time. There's nothing in these pictures that says 2009. It might as well be 1909.

Richard Nixon spent his chilhood summers in Prescott. The odds are he wandered these alleys in the early 1900s.

And this is pretty much what he saw.

Sherrif Bucky O'Neil probably arrested somebody in one of these alleys.

Wyatt Earp must have loaded up his supply wagons behind one of these old structures when he was running the town saw mill.

Maybe Steve McQueen sweet-talked Barbra Leigh behind one of these buildings.

Yeah, I really dig these old back alleys. It's good to know there are places where a guy can let himself drift back and relive a little history.