Sunday, April 12, 2009



It’s a beautiful Easter Sunday in Chandler, Arizona. Thanks to yesterday’s storm, the sky is blue and the smell of rain is still in the air. It’s been all about tradition this Easter weekend. The girls dyed Easter Eggs while my wife and I watched The Ten Commandments. What a movie! Just thinking of the music makes me want to do something heroic. Of course the girls woke up to Easter baskets loaded with marshmallow peeps and we carried out the obligatory egg hunt. They found all the eggs but one. The Easter bunny got a little too crafty with the hiding business. I suppose we’ll smell it out in a few days.

Steve McQueen’s first film role was a bit part in the 1956 film, Somebody Up There Likes Me, which starred Paul Newman. McQueen was paid 19 bucks a day.