Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tee Ball is Cool

Pictured above is my grandson. The kid had a blast playing tee ball yesterday. But there's no way he had more fun than I had watching. Watching four year-olds play baseball is hilarious and it's uplifting too. Every kid wore a cap that was two sizes too big. Every time the ball was hit every player on defense bum rushed and dog piled on the ball. Each time my grandson made a play he gave us a confident thumbs up. After a particularly good play a beetle caught his attention, prompting him to a sit down, mid game, on the grass and observe the bug in absolute wonderment.  The most entertaining moment of the game involved a cute little squirt who wanted to take his bat out with him to play second base and the coach had to wrestle the bat away. There was a single girl on the team. She had long brown hair with flowing ribbons. After a pounding out solid double she decided to wander from second base to have a conversation with the center fielder. One might think the entertainment would be over when the time came for the two teams to line up after the game and shake hands. The little guys just couldn't get the whole single file line concept down. They were forming figure eights and circles, bumping into each other and falling to the grass. Man, it was beautiful. Nobody cared who won and everybody had fun.
Tee ball is cool.

Did I mention that I wrote a book? It's called THE EIGHT-FINGERED CRIMINAL'S SON and it's a mostly true collection of quirky stories about growing up in 1970s Southern California.
You can download the e-book for a measly 5 bucks by clicking on the this link:
The print version is in the works. Given the speed at which my printer is working, I feel somewhat safe when I say the bound version will be available some time in the next 75 years.