Monday, April 6, 2009

Steve McQueen, Another Load of Nothin' and My Mother-in-Law


Steve McQueen’s first lead role was in The Blob, a 1958 horror film


It looks like that poor freezing Canuck will just have to wait for the riveting story and pictures from the NBA Legends brunch. I’m still waiting for one of the White kids to email me the digital photos.

Thank you, Jayden.
Thank you, Brady.
Thank you, Dylan.

But I’m not bitter.


As a kid, I can remember dreading the concept of marriage. I owe this fear to the old Bewitched television show. Darren Stevens was married to a hot blonde witch. The down side of the situation was his mother-in-law, Endora. She was a witch too and she hated him. The old bag was constantly changing the guy into things like donkeys, blenders and kitchen tables - the poor slob. Things worked out much better for me in the mother-in-law department. My mother-in-law is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met – and she likes my writing. My wife won’t even read my writing. I guess she’s afraid it’s going to be really awful and she doesn’t want to deal with the ugly truth that I’ve been wasting my time cranking out hundreds of pages of idiotic gibberish when I could have been out there making MONEY. I’m off course again, now aren’t I? This is about my mother-in-law, the anti Endora. The last time I saw her she told me she laughed five times, out loud at my blog postings. Perhaps she’s just trying to make me feel good. If that’s the case it worked. She made me feel great. Beats the hell out of being turned into a kitchen table, doesn’t it?