Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prescott Snow

A snow storm hit the last night we were in Prescott. Living in Phoenix, snow is a real treat. I grabbed my camera and a cup of coffee and took an early morning walk .

The town was so quiet, so peaceful, nothing but the sound of my running shoes crunching in the snow.

Kind of felt like I was walking on clouds.


There was a high school basketball team from Santa Rita staying at the hotel. They played for the state championship Saturday night. I had breakfast with the coaches in the hotel lobby. The team's quest for the championship was successful. After celebrating at a local pizza joint, the boys went up to their rooms and a couple of the coaches headed out to Bucky's Casino. Upon returning to the hotel they conducted a room check. No boys. It turned out that the kids were behind the hotel building snowmen and firing snowballs at each other. Coming from the Tucson area, many of them had never seen snow.
Must have been quite an experience, winning the state championship and then experiencing snow for the first time at three in the morning.
I dig Prescott.