Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On Twittering

Who twitters? I thought teenagers twittered. My students appear to have every pocket sized piece of technology known to man and they’re engaged in fiddling with one electronic gizmo or another the majority of their waking hours – and some of their sleeping hours, but they don’t twitter, at least they’re not twittering in my neck of the woods. The subject came up in a classroom discussion and I actually had to explain the concept. This may be a first, me explaining a technology related concept to my students. I’m curious, which demographic groups are twittering; furthermore, how come kids don’t twitter?

I’ve got one last question. Would Steve McQueen twitter?


Chronicwriter said...

i twitter :)


thanks for sharing.. do you twitter?

beFrank said...

I've been Twittering for a while now. No, Steve McQueen wouldn't, but that's not going to stop me.

#167 Dad said...

I'm still figuring out what twitering is. I'm very slow when it comes to technology.
Thanks for taking a look.

#167 Dad said...

I think a good percentage of bloggers twitter, don't they?

James West said...


#167 Dad said...

At last, a teenaged twitterer!

Michelle Li said...

I think the general trend is those who have the motivation and dedication to devote to 140 characters every hour twitter. This narrows the teenage population of our high school into 11th grade and older kids who seem to have specific teachers. At least, that is the trend I've seen. I twitter on a very casual level.


Bluesfrau said...

Just the word "Twitter" feels suspicious to me already... I'm not sure, yet, why exactly, but I feel a deep antipathy against this institution. Did I miss out on anything major?