Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time Travel and Other Stuff

Today I’ve decided to out myself. I’ve been keeping it in too long. I no longer care what people think. A man can’t go through life keeping his true self bottled up. The truth is I think time travel is cool and I don’t care who knows it. Popeye the Sailor said it best when he stated, “I yam what I yam.” As a matter of fact, my next book is going to be about time travel. The last month or so I’ve been secretly reading time travel novels and surfing the internet for whacked out time travel sites, the more whacked out the better. I’m not lurking in the shadows anymore.

Personal reflection has led me to realize my interest in time travel goes all the way back to my early childhood. Yeah, I think my interest in time travel began with Sherman and Peabody’s Way Back Machine. Thanks to YouTube, I’ve been doing a little time traveling of my own. This morning I enjoyed an episode of Sherman and Peabody – for the first time since the 1960’s. It was hilarious. The jokes were intelligent, obviously geared toward adults. And voices were familiar, the same voices from Christmas specials like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Clause is Coming to Town. I remember now that each episode ended with a bad pun. In this morning’s episode, Sherman and Peabody went back to observe the Spanish conquest of the Incas. I know, not the typical subject matter for side splitting comedy but the cartoon was innocuous enough. As the story wound down, Mr. Peabody pointed out the Mountains on the other side of the valley were called the Amos Mountains.

“The Amos Mountains?” Sherman asked.

Peabody shot back, “What’s the matter, you’ve never heard of the Amos and Andes?”

Word on the street is Pixar is developing a Sherman and Peabody movie.

I suppose I should warn you; if you’re going to read this blog, the subject of time travel is going to come up. Yeah, I think time travel’s cool and I’m proud!

This morning my daughter, Scout sat down in front of the computer. She put on my eye glasses and said, “OK guys, guess who I am?” deepening her voice, “Everybody be quiet, I’m trying to write my blog! It’s Saturday and I’m going to be at this computer all day long!” Maybe it’s time to shift down to low gear with this whole blogging business.

The economy is in the toilet and I’m lucky to have a job; I understand this, but I‘ve really had it with getting up at 4:30 in the morning. Honestly, I don’t think I can do it anymore. As a matter of fact I’m not doing it any more. On Monday, I’m getting up at 4:31.

Wednesday was a long day. I’ve been fighting back a cold and I was dragging myself out to the parking lot. Two heavy set kids with long frizzy hair stood in front of the library warming up with their electric guitars. They both looked a little like Hurley on Lost. Their portable amplifiers were plugged into and electrical socket conveniently located on the library wall. I stopped to watch as they belted out a surf guitar tune by The Ventures. They were good. The music took me too my childhood. My first record album was “Surfing” by The Ventures. My uncle gave it to me before he shipped off for Vietnam. I must have listened to that record a thousand times. The two frizzy headed kids pretty much made my afternoon. Life’s a little cooler with a sound track.

Some local high school students have decided to build a school in Africa. The cost is twenty grand and this covers building costs and school supplies. They’ve already raised ten grand. These teenagers are setting a great example for the rest of us. We do have the power to make the world better and these kids are wielding their power.

If you’re interested in helping them out, here’s the contact information.

Donations for Africa Basha can be sent to Basha High School, Attn: Julie Wilkinson, 5990 S. Val Vista Drive, Chandler, Ariz. 85249. Information:

Just about everybody in America is aware the Super Bowl will take place tomorrow. Unlike me, the rest of America has no idea of what the outcome will be. Sure, the so called experts are making their predictions, most of which have the Arizona Cardinals coming up with the short of the stick. One of these knuckleheads had the audacity to call the Arizona Cardinals the worst team ever to play in the Super Bowl. It’s a nasty thing to say, don’t you think? Here’s the deal. Due to a psychotic – I mean psychic revelation, I actually know the outcome of tomorrow’s game and I’m going to share it with you. Call your bookies. The final score will be…

Arizona Cardinals 70
Pittsburg Steelers 6


Michael said...

D'you watch Lost?


beFrank said...

What is this "Super Bowl" you speak of?

WZ said...

Hi Michael,
I am a time travel nut so yes, I do watch Lost. Hurley and Sawyer make the show with their wise cracks. Humor makes the fantasy more believable.

WZ said...

Hey BeFrank,
You know the Arizona Cardinals are playing some team from the Eastern part of the United States and if you were a smart guy you'd call your bookie and lay a couple hundred on Arizona.

Bullshee said...

Waking up at 4.30 should be a crime!!!! Oh man!!!

Four more hours for the Superbowl!!! Have the pre-pre-game shows begun??!!

WZ said...

Hi Bullshee,
The pregame shows are up and running. We have 20 or 30 people coming over so we've been getting things set up. This is a big day for Phoenix. Watch for Antonio Smith. He's my neighbor. Go Arizona!

Bullshee said...

damn!tough luck #167!!!!Cardinals should've won!

#167 Dad said...

Not bad for the worst team ever to make the playoffs...

Bluesfrau said...

Bravo! Why hold back on what you love. Always consider that what you love may hold the most important opportunities for you to realizations you personally want or need to make.
Time travel is sure an interesting subject. The whole array of quantum physics, astrophysics, metaphysics et al are my pet loves. Have you heard of the Photon pair experiment in Switzerland recently (Einstein also handled around with this already - he called the result "spooky" - think it's time to lift the "spooky" veil from interesting subjects such as this)? Here is a link: