Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doctor Mallet's Time Machine

Is it possible? Could there be a real world version of Back to the future’s Dr. Emmett Brown? My nosing around into the subject of time travel has led me to a physics professor at the University of Connecticut who says he wants to build a time machine. His name is Ron Mallet and he’s telling people he can fabricate a machine that sends sub atomic particles into the past. If successful, Mallet’s contraption could be a precursor to something akin to HG Wells’ time machine. The scientist is developing quite a following, including Spike Lee who intends to produce a film about Mallet. One more thing, Ron Mallet is looking for money, lots of money. He says he needs ten million to get his machine up and running. What? You thought time travel would be cheap? Here is the time travel professor’s home page:

Could this guy be legit?


Query Emails Sent: 260
Rejections Received: 52
Under Consideration: 16
Miscellaneous Responses: 2


Thanks, but I'm not a fan of first-person present tense.

I like this rejection and I’ll tell you why. It’s short and to the point. The agent tells me exactly why he’s not interested and I take some comfort in knowing he read enough of my sample chapter to determine it is written in first person present tense.

My prediction didn’t quite reign true. The Cardinals were not able to throttle the Steelers by a score of 70 to 6. True enough, it was an outrageous prediction. All I can say is I would have looked like a genius if the Cardinals had actually won 70 to 6. My boys didn’t quite get it done. But they did in fact play out the script of the movie, Rocky. Remember nobody thought Rocky had a chance. Although he didn’t win, he did slug it out toe to toe with the champ right up to the final bell. It was the same with the Cards, wasn’t it? The Steelers simply came up with one more big play than the Cardinals. Like the Arizona fans in my circle, I’m satisfied with the team’s performance.

As far as the owners go, the jury is still out. The Bidwell family has a history of under spending. Contracts are coming up for renegotiations and the team risks losing important players to the completion. Come next season, if the Bidwell family is one dime beneath the salary cap and the team has lost one key player to the competition, I’m finished with the Cardinals for life. Did you hear me? I’ll burn my Cardinals hat. OK, I won’t burn my Cardinals hat. My daughter wore it to school last week and lost it. But if the previously mentioned scenario does happen to go down, please understand if the kid hadn't lost the hat I would burn it. I think I've made my point -dammit.


Rick Rivers said...

Yeah, I was rootin' for the Cards too but it still was a helluva game. Many years back, the audio-visual guy at our college told me something intriguing as I checked out some audio equipment, that when a sound is emitted from a source, like a speaker, it actually spreads into space exponentually, getting louder and louder as it goes! And that if we had the right antennae we could listen to every sound or word uttered in history! Beware what we say, huh?

Anonymous said...

There's an idea for a time travel story in there somewhere.

Note to readers: Rick Rivers has a fantastic blog. Make it a point to check it out.

Rick Rivers said...

Anonymous: Wow, Thanks for the plug! Keep on readin' & writin'.

#167 Dad said...

Hey Rick,
I'm still trying to get this technology business figured out.