Tuesday, March 10, 2009

James Patterson's Advice on Writing and the Significance of Two Thousand Words

James Patterson’s Advice on Writing

I don’t think there are a lot of readable books out there. There are less than people think there are. I don’t think it’s that easy. And it’s not a question of somebody who writes good sentences. It’s a question of being able to tell stories in a way that captivates readers.

My advice to most people, in terms of, what should you do after you write your book? Should you invest in some marketing? Should you stand outside a bookstore with flyers? Go write another book. Go write another book! You learned things writing this book. Make use of them in the next book, and keep your passion going, and get that habit.

I came across the comments in the March/April issue of Writer’s Digest. I haven’t read much of Patterson’s stuff, but I did enjoy his books about the flying bird-kids - The Maximum Ride series. The movie will be coming out in November. Patterson has had 42 New York Times bestsellers and 100 million readers have read at least one James Patterson book. This is a guy with some serious juice.

Two Thousand Words

I did it! Today I knocked out two thousand words for book number three and I did it in spite of ceaseless coughing, wheezing and sneezing attacks. Surging forward, I banged away at the keyboard until I hit my goal. I feel like Rocky Balboa after standing toe to toe with the champ, bloodied, battered, and barely cognizant - I’m still standing…


beFrank said...

"barely cognizant"? Well, I guess you were "cognizant" enough to toss around a ten dollar word.

Bluesfrau said...

I love your compassion for your own talent. It's what I always try to tell people: if you have a talent, go for it. No matter what others say - just go for it! It will be your reward.

The great thing about writing is that it's a learning curve. One becomes one's own teacher and student at the same time. In the end one walks around with more complete and partially full realizations (if that makes any sense).

Jason said...

Remember that scene in Rocky where he is training and training and...well you get the picture. At the end he runs up 10 million stairs in Philadelphia? He is so stoked, you know he is going to win. OKAY - I know it is a movie - but I thought of that scene when I heard you 'whining' about your cold but still knocking out the 2,000 words. Think of Rocky man - if he can do it, I know you can! Keep it up Snyder - and I expect to be on the acknowledgments page of your first published book! You the bomb (do the kids still say that these days?).