Saturday, March 28, 2009


Quick, who is the least funny actor in world?

The answer is, of course, Sean Penn. Some might say Penn was funny as Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgmont High. That was, what, thirty ago. I suppose Charles Manson might have been a cute baby thirty years became he became a world class psychopathic killer. Maybe the analogy is a tad bit extreme; the point is Sean Penn appears to have no sense of humor. Where am I going with this? I’ll cut to the quick. Sean Penn is going to portray Larry Fine in the upcoming Three Stooges Movie. Benecio Del Toro will be playing the part of Moe Howard and Jimmy Carrey is in the process of gaining forty pounds in order to play Curley. I’m too shocked over the inclusion of Sean Penn to question the selection of Del Toro. We can all, I think, accept Jim Carry as Curly.

The Farley Brothers are behind this production. Who knows? Perhaps these people know what they are doing. I guess Penn does look and sound a bit like Larry, but I can’t see this thing working out. By the way, this is not a biography of the Three Stooges, it’s a comedy feature film. The Farley’s do have a bit more success in the film business than me, so I’ll have to withhold judgment.

No! No, I don’t. Who in their right mind would hire the unfunniest actor, maybe the unfunniest man on the planet to play the role of one of the funniest men in history? Come on Farley Brothers, producing the Three Stooges movie carries with it monumental comedic responsibility! The world could use a Three Stooges revival, and you guys are giving us Sean Penn???


Bullshee said...

Woah!Thats gonna be a funny movie!!

James West said...

just as i was having a bad day, i learn the 3 stooges franchise (if you could call it that) is going to be masacured

ARUNA said...

wow, cannot wait to watch the!

David C. said...
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David C. said...

This is more sacreligious than the live-action Flintstones movie!