Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ten Thousand Words, Snapping Ostiches and Slow Ride

The last five days are a fog. The book is up and running at 10,000 words and 51 pages. I’m still fighting back the rotten cold. I tried to go to the gym yesterday – to sweat the boogieman out of me. No dice; the gym is closed due to the Chandler Ostrich Festival. That’s right, my town has a yearly Ostrich Festival. They even have ostrich races. I went to the festival once, maybe 15 years ago. An ostrich bit me in the ear. I’m not kidding. Ostriches make look sweet and dopey, but they’re not; they are vicious creatures. Kind of makes it hard to feel sorry for them when they get made into ostrich burgers. Foghat is playing the festival tonight. It would be cool to hear Foghat pump out Slow Ride, not so cool, mind you,that I’d want to leave my house, brave a crowd and risk being attacked by vicious ostriches. Yeah, I think I’ll lay low, basking in the glory of my 10,000 words in five days. I might even have a Polish beer and watch a little college basketball. Come to think of it, I think there’s an old Foghat album around here somewhere.

Slow ride, take it easy - Slow ride, take it easy,
Slow ride, take it easy - Slow ride, take it easy.

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