Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The NBA Legends Brunch


This is Jayden White. She is my niece. Unlike her brothers, she has a conscience. She eventually gave in to the tidal wave of haranguing #167 Dad readers and drove to my house where she personally loaded the prized shots onto my computer. Thanks to Jayden, my readers in Germany, Sweden, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong and yes, even Canada, can finally see those NBA Legends Brunch shots I’ve been raving about! I thank you, Jayden and so does that freezing schmuck up in Canada.


Here is a shot of Steve McQueen. I'm pretty sure he was not at the NBA Legends Brunch...


Here's a clip of my nephew, Dylan with Kevin Johnson. KJ is one of the greatest Phoenix Suns of all time. He is, however, a terrible driver. I know this because I watched him come very close to running my nephew down in the street not long before this picture was taken. Kevin Johnson is the mayor of Sacramento.


Here’s a shot of Bob Love, Dylan and yours truly. Love played for the Cincinnati Royals, the Milwaukee Bucks and the, Chicago Bulls. A lifelong stutterer, his handicap didn’t affect his basketball skills; his jersey has been retired by the Bulls. He hit hard times soon after his basketball career ended in 1979. Broke and washing dishes for minimum wage, he attended speech therapy classes. In 1993 he returned to the Chicago Bulls as director of community relations. Today, Bob Love is a highly sought after motivational speaker.


I took this shot. Notice the perfect symmetry. It's almost scary. That's my nephew, Dylan, my brother-in-law, Brett, and my other nephey, Brady. Brady is the guy who had his skull pierced by a falling arrow.

To be continued...


bluesfrau said...

Glad your doughnut transposed into images at last. I know the impatient feeling of wishing to eagerly see photos... thx or sharing.

#167 Dad said...

Thanks, Bluesfrau. More than anythig else, I'm just happy for that poor freezing guy up in Canada.