Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing

To my highly valued readership, I can only extend my sincerest apologies. Today I can offer you absolutely nothing and I’ll tell you why.

About two months ago, I was lucky enough to attend the 10th Annual NBA Legends Brunch with my brother-in-Law and two of my nephews. It was a once in a life time experience. While I had some technical problems with my daughter’s digital camera, my nephews snapped myriads of incredible pictures depicting yours truly hobnobbing with some of the greatest names in the history of basketball. My nephews said they would be happy to shoot me the digital photos via email.

That was two months ago. Yesterday, I talked to my niece about the situation. She assured me she would email the photos as soon as she got home. I rushed home and banged out an eloquent, thought-provoking posting to go with the mind blowing photographs. This morning I raced to check my email. Would you like to know what I found? I found a big fat donut, a whole lot of the nothing. Surely, you can empathize with the disappointment, the devastation, the loss of innocence.

I am compelled to call out my niece and two nephews. Their names are Dylan White, Brady White and Jayden White.

If you are an Arizona reader and an associate of one of the White kids, please tell them I’m not angry or bitter, just disappointed, maybe a little hurt. Tell them it’s not about Uncle Bill. Tell them I’ve got readers in Germany, Sweden, Thailand, and India. I’ve even got readers in Canada for crying out loud. You don’t need to check your eyes - I said I’ve got readers in Canada. You tell those White kids I hope they sleep well tonight. You tell them not to worry about some poor Canadian schlep sitting up there freezing his tail off, twiddling his hockey stick, hoping for something substantive to read. It ain’t goanna happen today, my Canadian cousin, not on this site. So if you see Brady, Dylan or Jayden White basking in the warm Arizona Spring sunshine, you tell them I said thanks, thanks for a whole lot of NOTHING.


Jason said...

WOW! I read that entire posting and here's what I am taking away: You have acknowledged my presence in Thailand - I am impressed, honored, and now think I am going out to have a Heineken in celebration!

Keep writing Snyder!


#167 Dad said...

Good to hear from the Thailand contingency. Thanks for the encouragement...

Bullshee said...

Yes, the India contingent checks in as well! And I've been going through all the photographs, green with envy.

How do you get invited to something like this, may I ask?

Thanks to the Whites for finally coming around!!

Locke said...

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