Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Four of a Kind

I’ve been tagged by fellow blogger, Bullshee of India.


Here are Bulshee’s instructions.

"The basic idea, which does not need you to derive Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty is to fill in headings (sets of four), with your own words...don't use mine again. I'll kick your ruddy ass if you do."


1. Why won’t cannibals eat clowns?
They taste funny.

2. Why did the genie go to school?
He wanted to become a genie-us.

3. My brother fell into an upholstery machine.
Don’t worry, he’s fully recovered.

4. What happened to the thief when he fell into a cement mixer?
He became a hardened criminal.


1. Steve McQueen.
The original king of cool.

2. Bruce Lee
He’s Bruce Lee for Crying out loud.

3. Denzel Washington

4. John Wayne
The Duke makes my list for spanking Maureen O’Hara.


1. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
This book was so bad I stopped reading the thing. And I paid $14.95 for the piece of junk. I don’t understand how this author made something as intriguing as time travel so monotonous.

2. The Cell by Stephen King.

Say it ain’t so Stevie. How could such a great writer who wrote a rotten book. Actually he’s written a few stinkers over the years, but The Cell just might be his worst. The premise is kind of cool, maybe even funny. Everyone in America turns into a zombie except the people who don’t own a cell phone. Good premise or not, It’s a mess

3. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.
I want my time back. How do you write a dry vampire story? Make it a story about librarian vampires, which is what Kostova did. Horrible!

4. Hawkes Harbor by S.E. Hinton
Another bad vampire book. S.E. Hinton wrote some great books. The Outsiders was a masterpiece. Hawkes Harbor is the first book Hinton wrote in something like 25 years. I guess she lost something in the lay off. Perhaps she should stick to writing about teenaged kids instead of grown up vampires.

1. What’s Up Doc?
Funniest movie I’ve ever seen. Strangely enough, the movie starred Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’Neil, neither of whom where comedians. Furthermore it was directed by Peter Bogdanovich, a guy who wasn’t known for making comedies. The film includes the greatest comedic car chase ever shot.

2. Be Kind, Rewind
I saw this movie with my wife about a year ago. She did not seem to appreciate the humor. I’m pretty sure most people did not appreciate the humor since I was the only person in the theater who was laughing uncontrollably for the duration of the film.

3. Animal House
There’s never been anything like it. John Belushi was in his prime. Director John Landis nailed the elitist nature of college fraternities.

4. Slap Shot
This has got to be the funniest sports movie ever produced. Paul Newman is hilarious but it’s the Hanson brothers that steal the show. Whether you like hockey or not, it's funny stuff.
I’ve tagged the following superbloggers.

1. Bluesfrau of Germany

2. Guely of Sweden

3. BeFrank of L.A.

4. David C. of Indiana


Bluesfrau said...

Lol - ok! Let's see *scribble scribble*...
Mind you - I love these kids' games. We should do more of those! :-D

Bluesfrau said...

Mmm yea, the thing with the books... I think they are a too personal thing to be able to make a proper judgement. I can state, as far as I remember, that I haven't read a book I didn't like. Reason being that I only read on if I like it. I can't read if it doesn't appeal to me - because that would feel like force-eating food that propels my stomach to throw up. And I wouldn't do that, either. So yea... I think one can only read a book when one is ready for the book, so to speak. There are things I read that I would have found strange or boring at another time...

Guely of Sweden said...

Tomorrow i gonna take care of this!

Bullshee said...

Chuckles on "hardened criminal".

And I agree with you on Animal House and BeKind! Hilarious movies!

And now, we wait till this thing really takes off!! :-)

kavita said...

Amazing fours....four bad jokes were too GOOD...thanks for the book list(n.t.r.),i am going to try those funny movies you mentioned

#167 Dad said...

Thanks for playing along. Enjoyed your fours
Good point on the books. I could have called the list FOUR BOOKS I COULDN'T STAND AT THE TIME I READ THEM???.
Always enjoy your thoughts, Blues.


Enjoyed your fours as well. I dig your South American/Swedish take on Literature, music and film.

You actually laughed at one of my bad jokes and BE KIND REWIND?

Thanks for stopping by. Start with WHAT'S UP DOC...

Anonymous said...