Monday, July 6, 2009


You heard it here first; Sarah Palin has signed a lucrative deal to shoot a buddy picture with Jack Black. How do I know this? Let’s just say I have a connection with a few Alaska Salmon fishermen.

Writing Report

I was able to bang out 1,400 words of a new short story. In this one John Wayne shows up at my house on Christmas night to drink Scotch and talk wax philosophical.

I still haven’t been able to hit my stride and I do turn into a pumpkin in two weeks when I report back to school.

A Trip to the Movies

In an effort to escape the 107 degree heat I took my girls to see 17 Again with the kid from the High School Musical movies. The flick held my attention and my girls seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a little mature for kids and a little dopey for adults; I guess it was geared toward teeny boppers. The adult stuff blew right past my girls so I guess nobody will be psychologically scarred for life.

Commander McBragg?

Blues Frau of Germany asked the following question: who is Commander McBragg?

Well here goes, Blues Frau. Commander McBragg was a 1960s cartoon about an old blow hard British guy. He hung out at some elitist club telling whoever he could corner about his daring exploits in history. It was pretty funny. If my memory serves me correctly, Commander McBragg usually aired with The Rocky and Bullwinkle show and Tennessee Tuxedo. By the way, I can sound exactly like Bullwinkle the Moose.

You can see Commander McBragg cartoons on You Tube.


Bullshee said...

Palin and Black??? That's like ice cream and pepperoni!!!

I remember R&B, but not McBragg...too early for me, perhaps?? :-D

David C. said...

I remember McBragg. I may have to check him out on YouTube.

Palin's statement has been leaked--sort of like fetid fluid leaking from a chum bucket on a fishing boat. In part it reads, "The movies rearing their heads there over Alaska, and Jack Black also, progressing our great nation outside big government, and I am shooting a three pointer because I am a point guard with refrigerator magnets. Turkeys gave their lives for victory and our troops also. And so I can buy Todd a lot bigger snow machine in the private sector."

Anonymous said...

Billshee - they should've been the next Crosby and Hope...

David - The woman's a comedic genious...