Saturday, September 12, 2009

Swine Flu, Scorpion Wars, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Man v. Food, and Steve McQueen

It’s been a long short week. I couldn’t seem to kick it into gear after the three day weekend. My throat’s a little scratchy. Of course the first thing that comes to my mind is, Oh my God, I’ve got the Swine Flu! Good thing I can count on the media to remind me to cough into my arm and to wash my hands at least 63 times a day.

My five year-old daughter exterminated her first scorpion last week - got the little sucker with the heel of her shoe. I'm so darned proud I could cry. The Arizona bark scorpions had no idea of what they were getting into when they invaded my household. My nocturnal back yard scorpion hunting expeditions yielded just six confirmed kills last week. A month ago I was killing 60 a week. Victory is within reach. The scorpions are on the run.

Super Blogger, Gueley of Sweden recently explained that he and his daughter watch classic films like Charlie Chaplain’s The Great Dictator.

Wow. I’m feeling pretty mediocre over here. Do you want to know what I watched with my daughters last night? Dog the Bounty Hunter. I'm not proud of this. My kids and I can't seem to take our eyes off of Dog and his gang of cartoon characters as they chase anemic bail jumping drug addicts.

And then we watched Man v. Food.
We are what we are...
Wait a minute, what right thinking family wouldn't enjoy watching some schmuck shovel away a six pound burrito in 30 minutes?

Kevin Costner, Collin Farrell, Bruce Willis and Homer Simpson have each listed Steve McQueen as their personal hero.


Midlife Jobhunter said...

"Wait a minute, what right thinking family wouldn't enjoy watching some schmuck shovel away a six pound burrito in 30 minutes?"

Mine does. If you go back and review one of my posts before you joined - June post I think, my youngest son took on a 7 pound burrito while we were vacating in Denver.

Amazing what we watch, isn't it?

Rick Rivers said...

Love the Brando photo as Zapata! One of my all time favorite movies.
But I never could stomaach those pasted eyelids. Shoulda got a real Mexican to play the part, maybe swapped it with Anthony Quinn who played his brother.

Rick Rivers said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that the wife and I watched "Man vs. Wild lat nite and Gryl(?) cutting out and eating a still warm elk heart!(for the sake of survival I presume) I am not proud of this neither!

Lazy Writer said...

The scorpion thing really freaks me out. Are they around all year?

Guely of Sweden said...

I am a blog label in my lifetime! Now i can charge one buck each time every reader comes to Guelyland ("If you call them, they will come!")and eat pizza and icecream everyday without care of my weight a la Marlon. Good i forgot to mention that Diana loves Jackie Chan as well!

Norman Cho said...

It's a tactical retreat. It's got to be getting colder and so they're going into hibernation. They'll be back. I still say you should try the stir fry scorpion cheese thingy. Make them a part of your life in a meaningful way...