Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"A Potent Memory (1993)"

A Short Story from The Eight Fingered Criminal's Son
“A Potent Memory (1993)"
by W.Z Snyder
© 2006 William Snyder

A Potent Memory
East Valley Accommodation School


Sproglet said...

Hilarious!! :D

I've only ever gotten high a couple of times, the most recent being last year in Amsterdam when a friend and I shared ONE pre-rolled joint.

Half an hour laer we were sat in the corner of a Ben and Jerrys restaurant scoffing ice cream and waffles, surrounded by wholesome families and giggling like idiots.

Mikey was convinced he'd wet himself and I thought our lighter exploded.

We stcuk to the alcoholthe next least we know where we are with that.

Don't do drugs kids, it ain't big or clever!! lolz

quillfeather said...

Love it! I have no funny memories of 'joints' yet many involving alcohol. Of which I wont divulge!

Good stuff :)

Cate P said...

Fantastic, I so want to hear more!Have only had similar passive experiences myself, but never got high... was probably too drunk at the time :)

kavita said...

Interesting but i find it rather sad....youth indulging in pot smoking and that too in an educational institute.You have presented a bitter truth coated with humor ....awesome post !

#167 Dad said...

Sproglet,qillfeather and Cate,

Thanks for reading.

Not all American schools are like this. This was an acomodation school where the goal was not education but making a profit. Also, the principal was concerned with furthering his career. In short, the school was a sham.
The state of Arizona has more than its share of these charter/accomodation schools.

Rick Rivers said...

Dad, I used to smoke but never inhaled. In my days we talked of Thai sticks and Michoacan. Of course, I never understood what it meant, like a "lid" or a "roach" or "Hey, dude don't Bogard that joint!"

The pale observer said...

Can you really get that high from walking through a smoky hallway? Wow!!

Also, what kind of school did you teach at??!!

I'm glad my son is going to an International school in Ghana - if anyone is smoking anything - it's miles from the campus, and the kids are basically walled in to the school campus by a force of 20 security guards... (just a bit of sheltering never hurt a kid, right?)

None of them skip school, cuz in Ghana there's nothing to do anyway!

Great write up though :) Thanks.

#167 Dad said...

Long time no talk.
This story invlolves accidentally getting high.

pale observer,
That's the way I remember things.
Arizona was hundreds of for profit and nonprofit accomodation schools where education is not the priority. The priority is making a profit - even with the nonprofits.I know, it sounds crazy. The superintedent of the school mentioned in the story was eventually arrested and charged with, among other things, theft.

beFrank said...

Good writing waiting to be discovered.

Guely of Sweden said...

Never tried the stuff myself but as if i did because virtually all my friends did it. Well i had two "never" principles. Not illegal drugs and the other was being straight. Call me old fashion...

#167 Dad said...

Thanks dor the show of confidence.

Unfortunately I didn't have a choice on the matter in that particular hallway...

James West said...

I cant remember a time where i have laughed more at a single blog post. thank you very much sir.

kavita said...

I have thanked you today in my blog for the award you honored us with.I once again thank you for the same.

#167 Dad said...

Thanks for making my day.
Thank you. It's alweays good to hear from you.