Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

It’s over?

I’m a lucky schlep. Family, kids, Christmas tree, fire in the hearth; it was all there.

I did a lot of wrapping. My wife scratched the records.

Bah dump bump…

Actually I spent about ten hours wrapping presents.

Speaking of rapping, I like to tell my students I was the best rapper in my old neighborhood in back in L.A. This was a time when guys like Ice Tea and Snoop Dog were just coming up. But I was the best of them all. Everybody knew I was the best because all of the mothers in the neighborhood brought their gifts to me. I was known for my tight bows and sick use of ribbons.

Bah dump bump…

I’m in the habit of making note of the quirky aspects of life. You want quirky? How does three and a half hours in a Target store sound? Yeah, I spent three and a half hours in a Target store.

It all began with fellow blogger, Kavita in India. She left a comment on my last blog pointing out that I could take my camera card to a photo shop and have the pictures transferred over to a disk. I’d been trying to figure out how to get the photos on my camera for a couple of weeks.

So I told my wife I was heading over to the photo department at Target. My wife came along to “pick up a few things.” Thanks to Kavita I had my pictures on the disk in 30 minutes.

However, my wife was just getting started; she was in the zone, casually browsing the aisles, stopping for discourse with a dozen or so friends and acquaintances. After two hours I had a seat at the food section and stared at my watch. I wondered if we’d hit two and half hours? No way would we make it to three hours I was excited, in a quirky kind of way, when my wife checked out at the three hour and 31 minute mark.

You don’t see that kind of thing every day.

Three and a half hours in Target, that’s pretty quirky.

Happy Holidays

The Justice League photos are coming.


quillfeather said...

Three and a half hours in Target! Good lord, you're a brave man...

And you're a good rapper and wrapper of tight bows. Oh, so talented one!

Fun post :)

Guely of Sweden said...

Happy holidays there too Herr Snyder!

David C. said...

First, let me assume the role my son usually plays when reading my blog and point out that your title is lacking an "s."

3.5 hrs. in Target is more than any human should have to endure. Does your camera have an SD/HC card? You can't just plug those into a regular SD card reader. It takes a device that plugs into a USB port on your computer. Amazon sells this one for $5.86.

I don't know if this will fix your problem, but I hate to see a fellow blogger stuck in any retail establishment for more than 15 minutes. I guess it could have been worse. It could have been Sprawl-Mart.

Sproglet said...

You're a bigger man than me....well....being a man helps in that regard I guess.

I spent roughly 30 minutes in Selfridges on Oxford Street a few weeks before Christmas.

During those 30 minutes I became progressively redder and tetchier, until I resembled some kind of walking beetroot chewing on a lemon.

I was ready to try cutting my heart out with a teaspoon.

Well done!!

Thanks for adding me to you 'Good Stuff' too :)

B x

#167 Dad said...

no exaggeration on the three and a half hours.i'm going to let the record stand.

#167 Dad said...

Back at you - again.

Thanks for the heads up.
I don't know what the gatget the kid sold me was called, but I'll give the Amazon gadget a shot - the price is right.

Hope you a happy Boxing Day across the pond.