Sunday, March 6, 2011


I know. It's an old bit.  And it's corny too Can't help it. I like corny old jokes.

One on my students ran the following little ditty by me this week.
If Mrs. Bigger had a baby, the baby Bigger would be bigger than Mrs. Bigger because it would be a little Bigger.

I can't seem to find a consistent name for my blog cartoons. SNYDER COMICS, SNYDER TOONS, WHEN PIGS FLY, SOARING SWINE and WHEN SWINE SOAR have served as the title at one time or another.

Who says a guy has to have a consistent title for a blog cartoon?

Especially when the gags are as corny as mine.

One more thing. I was recently cut off on the road by shiny black Mercedes with a license plate that read OVRACHVR. What kind of pompous ass drives a shiny black Mercedes with a license plate that reads OVRACHVR? Who is the guy driving this car?

Is it just me?

Come on! 

A considerable percentage of the population is struggling to make ends meet while this jackass is driving around in that car with that license plate,  cutting off people in beat up Chevy vans with busted windshields and doors that don't always open. I gotta say that anything bad that happens to that rat bastard's shiny black Mercedes in the parking lot is his own fault. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I took a key to that vehicle in question. All I did was blow off a little steam on my blog. But I sure as heck understand why somebody would feel compelled to do some kind of harm to that obnoxious vehicle.  

As for Charlie Sheen. I got nothing to say about that over payed knuckle head. I guess I just said he's an over paid knuckle head, didn't I?

Steam of consciousness much?

I just wanted to see if Charlie Sheen would bring in more hits...

By the way, if you happen to get cut off on the road by some pompous ass in a shiny black Mercedes with plates that read OVRACHVR and you decide to retaliate by hacking up a little phlegm on the windshield or taking a key to the door, I had nothing to do wit it - you're on your own.




Guely of Sweden said...

I'll "give this job to Clemenza".

Anonymous said...

I like those jokes too! I got a great laugh.
I read once that people who use bumper stickers and personalized license plates have a greater incidence of road rage issues. Even people with "nice" ones. Don't know if that's true, but I thought it was interesting.
Much like your comic naming dilemma, I can't imagine giving myself one quote or name to sum me up.
Move over OVRACHVR!!! You're a one word phony. HA!


What a douchebag driver. He should replace that license with Lilweenr.

Akseli Koskela said...

Haha! that OVRACHVR is a jackass. I'm not sure how long it's gonna take till we see jerks in Mercedes Benzs cutting people off with the number plate WINNING.

JJ said...

You're a combination of James Joyce and, well me.

Momma Fargo said...

LOL! Love the toon...and not Charlie Sheen...what a bum.

David C. said...

The followup joke:

The duck walks back into the drug store and says to the pharmacist, "Give me a prophylactic." The pharmacist says, "Should I put it on your bill?" The duck says, "I'm not that kind of duck."