Sunday, May 27, 2012


The second Eight-Fingered Criminal's Son tire shop book signing event took place at Chandler Auto and Tire on Saturday May 19. Why two tire shop book signing events? Why not? Besides I gave the newspaper the wrong date.

Dickey "Tom Jones" Imburgia couldn't make it. My faithful English Student Josh the Rocket  came to the rescue with his outstanding punk pop band THE SEMESTER REVIEW. I'm. tellin' you the boys were good. No cover songs for THE SEMESTER REVIEW. They write all of their own stuff.

This is my friend and colleague Ian Johnson.
Here I am with future educator Johnathon Powell.

We sold books, signed books, ate dogs, hula hooped the hula hoops, rocked to the punk pop and just about every body seemed to have a good time.

The Semester Review are Eight Fingered Criminal's Son Fans. Of Course The Eight Fingered Criminal's Son is a solid Semester Review fan.

Three daughters, a niece and a granddaughter handled the cash.

Arizona boys play that funky punk pop...

It's getting harder and harder to get all five of beautiful daughters together for a picture but here they are. How can I help being proud of this crew? 
Brett White is the only tire shop owner in America who sells a book in his tire shop.
A whole mess of people helped me pull these two tire shop signing events off.

Thanks again to photographer Clif the Lawyer for the fantastic pictures. I owe a heart felt than you Bryan and Dellis Frank, Keith "Rocket Man" Boyd, Joel and Amy Frickey, The Powell family, Geege and and E'nor, Lindsey and Mario, Russell, Cassie, Josh and THE SEMESTER REVIEW, Brett and Julie White, Jayden and Layton, Brian and Lisa Daniels, Macaulay, Scout, Barit, Sophia, Cruz, Rylyn , Harper, Valerie, Anna and Lily, Dan and Mrs. K, Ian "Young Blood" Johnson,  Derek, Dickey, Shelly and Taylor Imburgia and my incredible wife Gail.

I really dig tire shop book signing events!

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Rick Rivers said...

Great pics Bill. Looks like you're having a good time getting your book out. How are sales? Been working hard on mine and will soon have finished drafts of stories I hope to include.The more I write, the more the book seems to take a shape. Wish me luck!