Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"The Eight-Fingered Criminal's Son" Flash Read - Saturday, August 18th

My flash read team is world class, baby.

It is without hyperbole that I state Dickey "Tom Jones" Imburgia is a legit top notch comedic actor. He's even funnier than Rick Moranis.Yeah, I said it. I meant it too.

My former student and current day professional cameraman Steven Bogumil handled the camerawork while former student and current film school student Austin Imburgia edited the video. Seriously impressive work on both counts. Steven and Austin are skateboard film makers at heart. I'll be sure to post some links to their skater videos soon.

My little girl Sophia did a darned good job being cute and chucking snowballs if I don't say so myself.

For our next trick, we'll be knocking out a flash read at an Arizona grocery store.

The point of these flash reads is to sell books. you can purchase the book and the electronic version by clicking on the link below.


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