Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pyramid Outburst, A Prairie Home Companion, Lucy the Dog,The Spirit Guide Bar, Bryan Frank's Mid-Life Crisis, The Eight-Fingered Criminal's Son, The Book Frog and Pete the Pelvis

Pyramid Outburst is a good beer to enjoy while relaxing at dusk as the radio plays the soothing songs and stories of  A Prairie Home Companion and your eight year-old daughter plays with  the dog your 21 year-old daughter asked you to watch for just one week week something like three months ago.

My focus has shifted to editing my new book The Spirit Guide Bar, scheduled for release in early 2013.

My buddy Bryan Frank is buying a motorcycle. Bryan said he's having a mid-life crisis. Since Bryan is 50, he can't really be having a mid-life crisis  unless he's going to live to be 100. I told Bryan if I ever hit the lottery or sell a hundred thousand books I'm getting one of those motorcycles with a side car. Yeah, I can see it now: the open road, goggles, an aviator cap, bugs in my teeth. Couldn't get much cooler than that. Am I rambling?

You can order a copy of The Eight Fingered Criminal's Son at the link below.

If you happen to live in or around Los Angeles you can pick up a copy of The Eight-Fingered Criminal's Son at THE BOOK FROG in Rolling Hills. Pete Ledesma, one of the owners, is a former Elvis impersonator who used to be known as Pete the Pelvis.!/TheBookFrog


JJ said...

I'm a Home Brewer. It would have to be a Porter, a Stout, or a Brown Ale for me.

Rick Rivers said...

This is why House and his buddy biked off into the sunset on the last episode of "House." I guess I'm having an "end of the road" crisis.