Sunday, January 13, 2013

Books, Education, Garbage Trucks and the Pizza Delivery Biz

I usually upload a picture but the function isn't working. Don't know if it's my computer or Blogger.

Beats me.

I'm still slugging away at the writing biz. The plan was to submit THE SPIRIT GUIDE BAR to the editing team today. Didn't happen. Looks like I'll have to push things back a couple of weeks. SPIRIT GUIDE should still be ready for release in March.

I recently created a StumbleUpon page.

We'll see if it helps me sell a few books. Facebook has been my best social media marketing tool. This blog is a sketchy marketing tool, but it did put me in contact with California Rick Rios and Florida JJ Botta, a couple of formidable teacher-writers. Word on the street is I should be focusing on Twitter. While I have an account, I haven't figured how to use it to sell books.

After 25 years in the high school teaching business, I'm looking to make a change. I recently learned that the salary of a first year garbage truck driver is equivalent to the salary of a high school teacher with 25 years'experience and an MA. The garbage truck drivers get yearly raises. My school district hasn't given out raises in six years. In fact, we just got nailed with a pay cut. I have a student who delivers pizzas. He makes more per hour than I do and he said he's willing to put in a word for me.  If the garbage truck gig doesn't work out, there's always the pizza racket. Ray Bradbury something about jumping off the cliff and building wings on the way down. I guess the concept worked out well for him, didn't it?

There might be a new book in my second career, whatever it turns out to be.

You can download my first book, THE EIGHT-FINGERED CRIMINAL'S SON for a measly
3 bucks.
It's a funny book.
I promise it'll make you laugh...

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