Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Marx Brothers


If you appreciate humor, you’ve got to check out this blog. It’s called The Marx Brothers and it’s all Marx Brothers all the time.


I am sunburned. This is funny because… OK, I guess it’s not funny. People do look funny when they’re sunburned.

I asked my teenaged daughter to help me think of something funny to write about. She helpfully responded with, “Dad, maybe you shouldn’t try to write a funny blog if you don’t have anything funny to say. Maybe you should write something profound.”

To which I replied “I had anything profound to say, I wouldn’t waste time cracking wise, now would I?”

My wife was kind enough to throw her two cents in, “If you don't have anything to say, why are you writing at all. Isn’t that what twitter is for?”
I said, "Why you, I oughtta ..." to myself.

Nothing like support from the family, huh?
I'll be sure to get back to you if I come across anything funny or profound.


Steve McQueen starred in a television show called Wanted: Dead or Alive. The King of Cool played tough as nails bounty hunter, Josh Randal. McQueen carried a sawed off Winchester rifle in a holster of his side. What a stud. 94 episodes were produced between 1958 and 1961. You can catch the show on YouTube.


James West said...

almost 2000 hits! you are almost in the big times.

#167 Dad said...

What would I do without you?

Anonymous said...

a lot of times I have nothing to say so I post You tube funny videos I like to make people laugh too and to have a decent time when they visit me, at least I hope so:)

#167 Dad said...

I'm a big fan of youtube...
Thanks for dropping in.

Bluesfrau said...

You make it look like Bill joined the M.Bro's. Though comedians are known to be more honest in their stand-ups than politicians - as seems a general rule...

Don't try hard to be something you're not when you're not. Just be what you are. Being authentic reigns.

Guely of Sweden said...

Got four more brothers for you in guelyland, #167 Dad!

Blues said...

Really love various piano scenes by the M.Bro's! Spent the other evening laughing about Harpo and Chico -