Sunday, April 26, 2009


1960s television shows were cool. Fantasy situation comedies were the rage. There were shows about witches, genies, Martians, monsters, ghosts, and talking horses; there was even a show about a car that was possessed by a spirit. But for my money, The Flying Nun was at the top of the fantasy situation comedy heap. The show was based on a novel called The Fifteenth Pelican. What a spectacularly ridiculous premise. Sally field portrayed Sister Bertrille, a novice nun, assigned to a convent in Puerto Rico. The strange wind patterns, her funky headgear and the fact that she weighed just 90 pounds made it possible for her fly. Her side-kick, Carlos Ramirez, was a millionaire playboy who sounded a lot like Ricky Ricardo from the I Love Lucy show.

Why can’t they make shows like this anymore?

Here are the lyrics to the theme song. They were only used once, in the sixth episode.

Who needs wings to fly? Certainly not I.
I prefer to take up on the breeze,
Follow any swallow that may please my fancy.

I just close my eyes, tiptoe through the skies.
Long as there's a habit standing by,
Who needs things like wings to fly?

Writing Report

I got nothin’. Teaching responsibilities, track meets, meetings and training sessions have been keeping me awfully busy. I’ve been lucky enough to secure a summer school job and I’m boning up on the curriculum. I’m staying on top of my responsibilities but it’s been tough to find the time to do any writing.

Here’s my latest writing plan:

1. I’m holding off on my latest novel, The Really Weird Science Guys. I’ll take another crack at it when things slow down.
2. But I will continue blog when I can.
3. I’ll also continue to post selections from The Eight Fingered Criminal’s Son.
4. It’s time to look into self-publishing The Eight Fingered Criminal’s Son. But first, I need to find a legitimate editor.
5. The Spirit Guide Bar is going to need one more revision.


Stephen Baird said...

thanks for dropping by the nikonsniper blog. wow so you are the #167. nice to meet you. i was the #417,642 and i guess i wasn't really trying to win a popularity contest however ... all in all it's still a decent number. you have a great sense of humor.

David C. said...

Wow! Television in the 60s was based on some really weird premises. At least there was some imagination involved, unlike the reality shows of today.

As a child, I assembled a model kit of the 1928 Porter which starred, along with Jerry VanDyke in "My Mother the Car." I believe Ann Southern was the voice of the car. I even recall some of the lyrics to the theme song:

A 1928 Porter
That's my mother dear
She helps me through
Everything I do
And I'm so glad she's here.

I'm not entirely sure of that 3rd line--it might have been "sees" or "guides me through... I could look it up, but that would be too much work.

Rick Rivers said...

Remeber The Singing Nun?

Blues said...

Sounds like a rushed time ahead. Sure hope you'll keep up the blog!

That nun looks kinda scary - are those wings on her head or demon horns? O.o

#167 Dad said...

#417,642 Dad,

Thanks for stopping by!


I don't think you can get more weird than the spirit of a guy's mother possessing his car.
Impressive memory with the lyrics.


I do remember the singing nun. Who played the part?

Thanks for the encouragement.
Perky little Sally Field is scary?

Bluesfrau said...

No - just her head dress. ^^

Megan Nicole said...

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