Monday, May 4, 2009

Swine Flu and Mine That Bird


The powers that be have decided to send my kids back to school tomorrow. The kids aren’t very happy about it. On the other hand, my wife is ecstatic. It turns out the Swine Flu isn’t as dangerous as they thought. Anybody else feeling manipulated here? Last week the local newspaper reported over a hundred Mexican deaths attributed to the Swine Flu; talk radio hosts were screaming for the head of Janet Napolitano because she didn’t close down the Mexican border. According to yesterday’s paper, there have been less than twenty swine flu related Mexican deaths. What gives? I can’t help but wonder if the drug companies didn’t make a few extra bucks from last week’s panic.


The Year of the Seemingly Impossible Dream continues. Note to underdogs: there’s always a chance. A fifty to one underdog by the name of Mine That Bird came from behind to win the 2009 Kentucky Derby. Man, I love fifty to one underdogs


Bet you didn't know Steve McQueen held a patent for a bucket seat. It's all about keeping people informed, baby...


Blues said...

Did he really? McQ I mean.

I refuse putting any more focus onto that swine scam. I'll rather put focus onto stuff that's worthwhile, productive and positive... they say that energy follows focus - and if that's true, then I'll rather spend my focus on stuff that's really important to me.
Glad your wife is feeling better now - haha!! Hey - tell her hi from this crazy German!

italgalmm said...

I did NOT know that about Steve McQueen... Duly noted..

Oh and I like the new look...
It's Minty !

#167 Dad said...

McQueen really did hold a patent on a bucket seat and yeah, I'm fealing pretty manipulated with the SF business.
Hey from my wife...

keeping the world informed about the king of cool is what i do and i'm all about the green...