Saturday, February 20, 2010

snYder CoMic #6

This cartoon is inspired by a former student who happened to be from Russia.
I drove the poor kid crazy with lame remarks like, "Slow down, Dmitri. Oh that's right, you can't help it - you're Russian."
As if the 600 hurryin' Russian remarks weren't enough I peppered him with a crack about his name.
"Hey Dmitri, da fish tree and da poultry tree were looking for you."
I'm telling you, the Russian Dmitri cracks never got old - for me.


JJ said...

It's true. I taught a course in the Ukraine. I covered my American eight-week semester in about fifteen minutes!

Dave said...

Not only that, but Putin is some kind of kung fu expert, and has produced a CD. I bet he wins at karaoke and Singstar, or it's your head!

Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

You're getting good at this :)

italgalmm said...

I'm Italian you..
You are funny...

Sorry I had to say it..


Bullshee said...

Ha ha ha!! That was funny!!

Make an Indian joke!

Paul Greci said...

You are in the zone.

Erika said...

Love this!

#167 Dad said...

The Russians are ubiquitous.

I'm not afraid of Putin. I would take him down at any karaoke joint on the planet.

You're inspiring me!

You're killin' me, italgalm...


What did Sitting bull say when his dog fell off the cliff?

Uhhm, dog gone.

Sorry, wrong kind of Indian joke and I stole it.

Feed me the ball!

Much appreciated.