Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moshing with Skeletal Secrets and a Couple of Cactus Shots

Hanging with Skeletal Secrets

A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of an opportunity to attend a Skeletal Secrets Concert. Above, I can be seen standing with former student band members Gabe and Nick. I'm the goofball in the middle. I still want to know what the hand signs mean.

Got to tell you, I'm not so old that I can't enjoy a little heavy metal music. As a matter of fact, I happen to know there are countless subcategories of metal music. You've got you basic death metal, speed metal and black metal. Skeletal Secrets is known across the greater Phoenix area as an operetic metal band. The lead singer, Chelsie, a current student of mine and a talented opera singer, handles the lead vocals.

I didn't realize they still had mosh pits. Obviously, I'm a little old for mosh pits. On the other hand, it's like Leroy Satchel Paige said, "When it comes to age, it's all mind over matter; it you don't mind, it don't matter."

It's been a little over two weeks and I almost have full range of motion back in my neck and I'm hardly limping at all, thank you.

Justice League Cactus Shots and a Window

These sans banana, cactus shots were taken on the last Arizona Justice League of Photographers adventure along the road between Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flat.

Something about the protrtuding nails intrigued me. I couldn't help wondering who drobve the nails into that saguaro. Why? When? Mysteries are good thing.

Here's a window shot taken in Tortilla Flat. All me to point out that it wasn't easy keeping that camera hogging giant banana out of these pictures.

SnYder CoMics
Watch for the newest SnYder CoMic this Sunday. Remember, I didn't want to set the bar to high with the first comic. I'm ready to get serious about the second panel. You people had better look out because I feel something big coming .
Wait, maybe it's gas...


Sara McClung ♥ said...

LOL... I think the hand signs mean "rock on dude!"

I had no idea there were different subcategories of metal... that's pretty cool!

Oh, and I'm happy that you've gotten range of motion back in your neck... I was playing rock band over the holidays... had a leeeetle too much to drink and got really into it... I know what that pain feels like!!

Cate P said...

I think the sign means "I have no idea what this means but I'm doing it to be cool anyway".
Very cool... or should I say very metal?

Sproglet said...

Some people call it the 'Devil Horns'. It's a bit of a subculture in rock now after being used by various rockers over the years.

Ironically, it's origin actually lies in protection against evil, almost like a charm.

I have wind too....I don't have a giant attention-seeking banana though. You've got a lot on your plate!

italgalmm said...

The effortless way you meld right into the shot...
I tell ya.... If you hadn't named each person..
I would have thought you were a member of the band !!
Looking foward to the strip... Comic Strip that is...
Now go on.. and rock out with your bad self..
Great Pics !!!

#167 Dad said...

rock on, huh? i can dig that.

me? cool? i'm thinkin it's probably not goig to happen..

who couldn't use a little extra protection against evil?
wonder if it helps with a attention seeking bananas...

as far as the group shot goes, you read my mind.

Bluesfrau said...

I feel sorry for the cactus.

Really do...

I don't like it when humans destroy the beauty of nature, driving metal into living organs. (And with nails?? O.o)

Devon Adams said...

Last night I went to see Skeletal Secrets. Wow, Chelsea short is talented as are the men in the band. I really enjoyed that ('cept the idiots who kept getting in front of me when there was a ton of room). I shot about 800 photos of the band. Now, I just need to convince them to update their website!