Saturday, October 26, 2013


Papa Joe, Joe Junior, and the boys at  Papa Joe's Barbershop in Chandler, Arizona were kind enough to host a book and a haircut event. The first 20 customers received  one of my books with their haircuts.

Five of my former students absolutely made my day by swinging by to partake in the festivities. So did my one of my all time favorite former colleagues Terri Glenn.

Two  the guys are studying to become teachers. Got to tell you, fellas like the one's pictured above and a colleague like Terri remind me why I lasted a quarter century in the education biz.

Yours truly with the most famous barber in Chandler, Arizona.

Here's a shot of Papa Joe telling one of his world famous penguin jokes. I'll bet you didn't know that nationally famous comedian Frank Calliendo gets his hair cut at Papa Joe's. The haircuts are top notch but I think it's the penguin jokes that keep him coming back.

I did a reading of "Dave Cruz" in the barbershop. The most exciting part was when an older guy wandered in half way through the story. He looked around, completely baffled, he shouted, "Hold on! What's goin' on? Can I get a haircut around here or what?

I think I really dig barbershop readings. A guy just never knows. You got to expect the unexpected.

You  can order THE SPIRIT GUIDE BAR and THE EIGHT-FINGERED CRIMINAL'S SON at THE BOOK FROG (My all time favorite book store)

My books are also available at PAPA JOE'S BARBERSHOP in Chandler, Arizona, where you can get a great haircut, Papa Joe will tell you a penguin joke and you might even see famous funny guy Frank Calliendo.

I'm busting my tail editing and revising my new book TEECHUR: CONFESSIONS OF A RELUCTANT EDUCATOR, due for in 2014.

So Cal folks, come on out to THE BOOK FROG IN ROLLING HILLS on Saturday, November 30th at 2:00. I'll be signing books and participating on a panel with Tim Hallinan, Steven Jay Schwartz, and Denise Hamilton.

For my Arizona friends, I'm working on a couple of East Valley readings in December.


JJ said...

A great idea! Is a book and a haircut without a shave still two bits?

#167 Dad said...

Hey JJ. Just a bit more than two bits. Thanks for stopping by!

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