Saturday, November 2, 2013


"The Scout" is a masterfully written science fiction thriller. The characters are complete and believable. Descriptions of rural Indiana are vivid, almost poetic. Author, Eric Tozzi, weaves a balanced story about a young writer's struggle to deal with the loss of his father, his mother's Alzheimer's disease, and an alien invasion. Tozzi does a fantastic job explaining the science of this alien invasion story. Michael Crichton is my favorite contemporary sic fi writer because of his ability to include compelling science with in his great stories. "The Scout" has a Crichton feel to it. I under stand that Eric Tozzi is a bit of modern day renaissance man. He's an accomplished musician, editor, director and screenwriter. His most recent film is "Kaleidoscope," an award winning short movie based on a story in Ray Bradbury's "Illustrated Man." Bradbury worked with Eric on the project. I think some of Bradbury's sci fi mojo rubbed off on Tozzi.Can't wait to see the film version.To the point, Eric Tozzi's "The Scout" kicks ass.

As Tozzi tells his twitter followers, you can download the ebook for the cost of a latte.

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