Saturday, November 9, 2013


Contrary to popular belief, the job can of a get pretty rough. The gruesome photo to the left clearly demonstrates my point. I had no idea things would get so ugly when I loaded up my truck and headed off to the bug wars that day. I had no intention of walking into an orange tree, but as you can clearly see, it happened, baby. Sure walking into orange trees is dangerous, but  danger is part of the job.

The job gets physical too. I've pulled muscles on various parts on my being. It's not something I tell my colleagues since most of them are in their 70s and 80s. Danger, pain and, humiliation, it's all part of the job, baby.

I am a bug man. It's what I do.

Actually, I'm a bug man/writer. Cheri Holdcroft was kind enough to invite me to read and speak to her English 102 class at Mesa Community College this week. What a rush. We talked about writing for almost two hours. Great bunch of students. They made up for my knock on the mellon.


You can buy my book at the following venues:

PAPA JOE'S BARBER SHOP in Chandler, Arizona

CHANDLER AUTO AND TIRE in Chandler, Arizona

ZIA RECORDS throughout California, Arizona and Nevada

THE BOOK FROG in Rolling Hills, California

I'll be signing books at THE BOOK FROG in Rolling Hills, California Saturday, November 30th between 2:00 and 4:00.

My books are available at the site below. Imagine, you can download both books for the price of a measly six pack of beer.


Anonymous said...

Bill, I love the new blog title. I've been spending the afternoon catching up on your blog. Free time has been hard to come by these days so I'm happy to get the chance to do some blog reading. Someday I'd like to return to writing my own blog . I saw that your next book is about it going to be kind of like "tequila shots for the teachers soul" because there are days when I feel like I need a few. ;-). Hope life as a bug man gets a little safer.
Wendy Z.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Yes, everyone should get a copy of your book. I did. Enjoyed it. Fun.

Wendy said...

Yes, dangerous things, orange trees.

JJ said...

I discovered that trees are only dangerous if you are an old retired guy with nothing to do but write great books and lecture!

JJ said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Denisa Cretu said...

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