Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lost, Life on Mars, and The Really Weird Science Guys

I’m looking forward to a night of TV time travel. I’ll start with an episode of Lost and follow up with an episode of Life on Mars. I’ve been following Lost much better since they established the scrolling cheat notes on the bottom of the screen. Am I the only one who realizes that he writers of Lost are completely stoned?

Writer #1: Dude, let’s put a polar bear on the island.

Writer #2: OK, but only if we can have a VW bus with a case of beer in the back.

Writer #1: Cool. Let’s make Hurley a schizophrenic.

Writer #2: Righteous, dude. Pass the bong.

Last week I discovered a show called, Life on Mars. A modern day cop sustains a head injury and finds himself thirty years back in time or perhaps, in an alternate reality. What a cool show. The music and look really catches the feel of the 1970’s. The production is an American version of the British Life on Mars. I’ll see if I can’t hunt down a version of the original.

Writing Report

Chalk up another solid day of writing. I knocked out 2,100 words. The working title is The Really Weird Science Guys. I know, it doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue. I was going to change the name to Time Ghost, but somebody already wrote a book called Time Ghost. I’ve played around with Time Spook, Time Spirit, and Time Apparition, but for now I suppose I’ll stick with The Really Weird Science Guys.

My first two books were written in first person and were autobiographical in nature. The Really Weird Science Guys it written from an omniscient point of view, but I couldn’t keep myself out of the story. One of the major characters is obviously based on me. All of the characters seem to be based on people I have known. There is an awful lot of action in the story, more than I anticipated. This is a good thing. I’m looking forward to pounding out another 2,000 tomorrow.


Bluesfrau said...

Absolutely! I get the biggest kick out of Lost! Very stoned and very fantasy-able people. I love it. I want more of it and hope they won't let it end too abruptely (though I think they have in mind to give it a finish soon?)

Bluesfrau said...

Btw, nice working title. Has a sort of humourous edge to it (at least that's what gets triggered in my imagination) but also makes me think of actual scientists who work seriously on their projects, yet have kept their sense of humour to life's funniness (funny in the "weird" kind of sense).