Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Honest Scrap Blogger Award

Fellow blogger, Midlife Job Hunter at seen fit to pass the Honest Scrap Blogger award along to me.

Here are the rules of the award:

1. “The Honest Scrap” award must be shared.

2. The recipient has to tell 10 true things about themselves that no one else knows.

3. The recipient has to pass along the award to 10 more bloggers.

4. Those 10 bloggers all have to be notified they have been given this award.

5. Those 10 bloggers should link back to the blog that awarded them.

Here are ten things most people don’t know about yours truly.

1. I used to have an invisible friend by the name if Ishkabibble. He was animated in the style of a cartoon and looked and sounded a lot like the Frito Lay Frito Bandito. I had to give him up when I hit 30.

2. I grew up in the same town and on the same street as the Wilson brothers of Beach Boys fame.
3. My uncle, Ronnie Alison played little league baseball with Dennis Wilson. He was also the college roommate of Burt Ward of TV’s Batman show.

4. Hollywood actor, Gene Hackman once pushed me down when I was working as an usher at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

5. When I was 14, I was involved in a head on collision in which I was catapulted twenty feet into the middle of an intersection before walking away without a scratch.

6. I can sing the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man songs from the Wizard of Oz on demand. Each time I sing one of these songs my wife says I should learn a new song.

7. Walter Cronkite once said hello to me.

8. My favorite Halloween candy is the 100,000 Dollar Bar.

9. It is my strong belief that the Russians, the Cubans, and elements of organized crime and the United States government were involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the ensuing cover up of the conspiracy.

10. I once wrote a play called Bad Bar Plays #1. Sorry, I really had to reach for number ten.

I hereby pass the award onto the following blogs:

My Room
Blog author, Kavita provides amazing insight into the culture India. Very cool blog.

Nothing to Blog About
Hailing from Michigan, USA, this unique blog blends photos and stories. Funny stuff.
W. M. Morell
W.M. Morrell is an outstanding writing blog out of New Zealand.


quillfeather said...

Good lord!!

I'm not normally speechless, but... Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will hand over the baton for 'The Honest Scrap Blogger Award' with pride.

Goodness, I'm all in a flutter.... :)

Susan R. Mills said...

Congrats on your awards.

kavita said...

Congratulations on your award !
Thank you for thinking of me ,i am honored ...Gene Heckman pushed you?Would love to hear the songs before you listen to your better half's advice and learn a new song.

italgalmm said...

Why Mr Snyder...Thank You so much and Fiddle Dee Dee..

How kind of you to include my little ol Blog.
By the By... I had heard that Hackman was a little pushy.. Now I KNOW it's true.

Thanks Again... ; )

quillfeather said...

PS. I totally forgot to congratulate YOU on receiving 'The Honest Scrap Blogger Award'! :)

I was so wrapped up in my own excitement. So sorry!

quillfeather said...

'Dear god' you're thinking. 'It's her again!'.

Sorry, but I need to say, I left a little something on my blog for you. Check it out. :)

That's it. Promise!

Sproglet said...

Cor, I'd have trouble with this one. I'm such an open person that I genuinely don't think I could come up with 10 things about me that no one knows! If they don't know..there's a good reason for it! :D

Congrats on the award :)