Thursday, December 30, 2010

THE FIGHTER - Gatti v Ward 1 Round 9

The Fighter is an outstanding film. Mark Walberg's portrayal of Micky Ward is the best thing he's done since he was a member of The Funky Bunch. And Christian Bale's portrayal of Ward's crack addicted brother is also pretty impressive. It's the best Bale performance I've seen. Come to think of it, it's the only Bale performance I've seen. Seriously, this flick is worth the ten bucks. And you don’t need to be a boxing fan to appreciate this movie
 I did a little YouTube surfing and found some of Ward’s old fights. The Sanchez fight in my last posting was reenacted in the film. The filmmakers didn't need to exaggerate the drama. The actual footage of Ward's fights with Arturo Gatti, who recently passed away, was more exciting than the bloody fights of the Rocky films. Check out this clip. Both of these men had hearts of lions.


JJ said...

I am a huge fight fan, and I have seen Irish Mickey Ward fight. I have not yet seen the movie, but I can't wait!

italgalmm said...

You are spot on ..
I too was going to blog about this flick. It was great !!!
My husband was a boxer in his younger days *even trained with Emmanuel Stewart!
So we have seen some great fights! I remember this one as well.. What a life these guys had.
Best to you and yours in the New Year !!!

Guely of Sweden said...

Never seen the real McCoy but i follow Wahlberg movies, he delivers quite often. besides we share birthday and he was in Planet of the Apes 8evenif it was the worst ape movie of them all). Just comeback from a week in Paris. Hope you have good holidays too!!