Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Chandler Arizona Centennial Whiskerino Contest, Griggits and THE EIGHT-FINGERED CRIMINAL'S SON

This is a Griggit. I created him. Creating Griggits has failed to yield me one red cent. Maybe some day...

The majority of my free time has recently been spent grading 150 five-page research papers and babbling incoherently to myself about the iniquities of banks and oil companies.

The most interesting thing that has recently happened to me involves the crop of hair that I have been cultivating on the lower half of my face. Me beard growing team is just about a fifth of the way though the 100 day Chandler, Arizona Centennial Whiskerino Contest. My beard is feeling a bit scratchy and looking a lot scruffy. As a matter of fact, earlier this week I was standing in front of the local supermarket with an empty coffee cup in  my hand when a passer by dropped ten bucks in my cup and said, "Here you go, pal. Go get yourself a shower and something to eat."

In case your new to this blog, I am promoting my new book THE EIGHT -FINGERED CRIMINAL'S SON, a quirky collection of mostly true stories about growing up in 1970s Southern California. You can download the e-book for a measly 5 bucks at
The bound version will be available sometime before 2040.

Why are oil companies charging so much for gas?
Because they can.


Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

Honestly, you seriously crack me up!

All the best with The Eight-Fingered Criminal's Son.

Oh, and if you lurk around with an empty coffee cup on a regular basis, you may just make a bit of money. Just a thought :)

JJ said...

That Griggit has my dream job. I'm getting awfully close to painting coconuts for tourists.

Rick Rivers said...

Yup, the Griggit beats grading term papers (I remember it well). Good luck on the beard and keep that cup out there.

Wendy said...

Grading Term Papers....Yuck! This is why math is more my speed.

Oil Companies......Double Yuck! Sounds like you're having the same conversation that we are having in this house. It's really bad that I was excited to get gas for $3.65 a gallon at Sam's Club....Hmmmm, Seriously, $3.65 a gallon...No bueno...