Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Arizona Justice League of Photograpers On Mill Avenue

The Arizona Justice League of Photographers recently ventured out to Mill Avenue in Tempe
From left to right are Rick the I.T. Guy, Casey the Chef, Clif the Lawyer and Yours Truly.

Mill Avenue runds along the Western side of Arizona State University. Lined with gorgeous ficus trees and dotted with coffee shops, book stores, restaurants, bars and funky curious characters, it's a fantastic place to take a few pictures on a crisp January morning. It's also a great place for a date. My wife and I took a cozy stroll along Mill Avenue on the night we met.

These two characters were kind enough snap a few pictures of our crew. They introduced themselves as Lucy and Ricky, a couple of wandering Bolivian billionaires. It's not every day you meet wandering Bolivian billionaires.

This is Mill Avenue's name sake, the Hayden Flour Mill. The structure is nearly a hundred years old and rumored to be haunted.

I tried to get artistic this time around.

Clif the Lawyer came up with the idea of climbing up to the top floor of a parking structure for some top of the world type shots. My acrophobia was in full swing.

Here's a reflection shot into a glass building. If you look closely you can see Clif and me snapping away from the top of the structure.

Here's your run of the mill girl with a cat on a leash and kid holding a sword with a cat on his shoulder. I asked him what the sword was for and he just laughed, scary like. I laughed too, as I walked away, real fast like.

No big deal - a picture of a guy standing in front of a phone booth talking on a cell phone.

How about a picture of a guy standing in front of a phone booth talking on a banana?
Yeah, that's what I thought...

Here's Clif the Lawyer under the lush cover ficus trees having a conversation with one of the Mill Avenue regulars.

Really don't know what to say about this head shop window photo. Just thought it looked kinda cool in an every little thing goanna be alright kinda way...

This bus obviously made it's destination. I'd like to know what the launch point was.

This is a shot of All Saint's Catholic Church across the street from ASU. Over a hundred years old, it's the oldest house of worship in greater metropolitan Phoenix

Here I am trying to be mister artistic photographer guy.

I thiught the light flashes between the orange tree leaves might make a good picture.

I know what you're thinking. Where the heck are the goof ball banana shots?
Next week, friends. Next week.


Clif said...

Nice work, #167 Dad. Very cool effect on the light rail shot. For lunch, we sampled the Mediterranean cuisine at the Phoenicia Grill.

Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

Great shots! Glad to hear the banana will be back in the program in the next post. It's not quite the same.

Love your new phone. Very styly :)

Sproglet said...

Bob Marley LIVES!!!!

And that flippin' banana is back for more. I think it's ego is inflated with its new found fame. You need to have a stern word with it.

Excellent photographs, I love the one reflected from the top of the building.

David C. said...

"You've got a banana in your ear!"


"I say you've got a banana in your ear!"

"I can't hear you--I've got a banana in my ear!"
(Insert rim shot here.)

Your photos be jammin'. Please check out my reply to your last comment on my blog.

Cate P said...

Some really great pics there, tell me, does your banana get better reception than your phone?.... just thinking of swapping, tis all...

Rick Rivers said...

Bolivian millionaires are not as rare as a Chicano millionaire. I just started new blog for photos, maybe you could try it too?

Guely of Sweden said...

All smiling undercover dressed bolivian billonaires? A tourist bus fron another planet? Marley in the building?... So many conspiracy theories,so little time!

beFrank said...

Awesome shots. Thanks for getting out there and getting the pictures. They're not going to take themselves, you know?

Susan R. Mills said...

Love the pictures. I especially like the one of the man in the window. Thanks for sharing.

#167 Dad said...

Looking forward tyo the next outing.
I dig the banana phone myself.
he banana loves you.
Marx Brothers, right?
Thanks. And yes, go with the banana phone.

#167 Dad said...

I thoughyt you were a millionaire...
At least there are two of us who know the score.
Awesome??? From BeFrank? Whoooah, I'm honored.
Much appreciated on this end.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Chuckling over the phone booth. Liked the building/water reflection. Liked all of them.

Bluesfrau said...

Hey - the artistic comic edge picture looks nice! Did you use Photoshop?

#167 Dad said...

Thank you.I did indeed use photoshop.

#167 Dad said...