Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SnYder CoMics #4

SnYder CoMics 2010

For years, the common No Checks sign in restaurants has compelled me to do a bad Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd wild and crazy guys imitation and make a scene similar to the one portrayed in my comic. It never gets old for me. As for my wife, it's another story...


Susan R. Mills said...

I love it! It never gets old for me either. Thanks for the laugh on this dreary night. :)

beFrank said...

You are on fire, man! Go on, with your bad self.

Guely of Sweden said...

Checks! Haven't seen one in ages!!

italgalmm said...

I'm afraid ..
I am with your wife on this one..

But Hey you wild and crazy guy..
the drawing IS cute.

; )

#167 Dad said...

At last someone else loves old bad jokes.
You're fueling the firine, baby!
You mean I'm not the first to think of the bit???
I've always though my drawings were cite - thank you...